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iPhone OS 3.0 is here

Apple released the long anticipated iPhone OS 3.0 this week. Having just downloaded it today, I love the improvements they’ve made; again displaying an uncanny ability to know what their users want. Some of my favorite upgrades are the copy & paste feature, universal search (apps, contacts, and even emails!), and landscape mode for keyboards (this makes a small improvement on the typing experience, but its still far from perfect).

I also love the new CalDAV support which now lets you add multiple calendars (from Google, Yahoo etc) on your iPhone. To enable this,

  1. Go to your settings and under “Mail, Contacts and Calendar”, tap on “Add Account”.
  2. Select Other and under calendars tap on “Add CalDAV Account”.
  3. Enter as your server and your login information and voila!

Your google calendar now shows up on your iPhone. Another great reason to try out  MyCal, as it makes adding events to your iPhone a piece of cake.

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