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Salaries: Heres How Much People Make In Silicon Valley
Salaries: Heres How Much People Make In Silicon Valley

Infographic of the week - Salaries: Heres How Much People Make In Silicon Vally.

Colorful Bubbles
Colorful Bubbles

News of another photography app for the iPhone raising an insane $41M from the likes of Sequoia, Bain Capital and others quickly spread through the interwebs today and has lead to numerous people opine that we have officially entered another bubble. From a cursory glance, this seems to be just another entry into the already [...]

Obama vs. Bush State of the Union Speech
Obama vs. Bush State of the Union Speech

Here is a word cloud of Obama’s speech last night. It’s been normalized by removing some common words found in abundance in all State of the Union addresses such as  ’America’, ‘American’, ‘people’. Obama’s emphasis, as is apparent, was on new jobs (including those created by the government), business, spending and innovation. Contrast this to [...]

Infographic: The Downfall Of Yahoo
Infographic: The Downfall Of Yahoo

Infographics are so hot lately! Interesting to see how the demise started with their decision to use Google as the search engine. Full Article On Techcrunch.

Infographic – NYC complaints by time of day
Infographic - NYC complaints by time of day

What a Hundred Million Calls to 311 Reveal About New York | Magazine |

The World According to San Francisco
The World According to San Francisco

via generic. So frightening, yet so true.

Very Cool AT&T Marketing Campaign
Very Cool AT&T Marketing Campaign

Here is a compilation of AT&T’s new global coverage campaign that’s beautiful and engaging. Very similar to HSBC’s “world’s local bank” campaign. While sophisticated, do you think its more effective than this?

Cool Video On Display Ads From Google

A very simple yet informative video on display advertising by Google on encouraging consumers to pay more attention to banner ads. I liked this because its a great example of subtle yet powerful marketing that makes those banner ads seem more altruistic than weird annoying black boxes that everyone hates. Official Google Blog: Display advertising: [...]

April Fool’s Jokes Around The Web
April Fool's Jokes Around The Web

YPermutator: A new startup incubator- We have a simple formula for the amount invested: $4 million + $1 per line of code written.” You’re not in Kansas any more – Google’s new name and logo. xkcd – Not so much a joke as an awesome gimmick that caters well to its core readers Google Translate [...]

Weekly Links, Sept 25th
Weekly Links, Sept 25th

Selling out: I’ve been using Pandora for over 2 years now and they seem to be selling out more and more recently. Used to be that they had a small 300×250 ad on their website, then they started interspersing ads with the music and now this. I understand their need to make money but they [...]

Weekly Links – August 28th

Non-profits and benevolence: The latest Wired issue has a very interesting piece on the philosophy behind craigslist and the people behind craigslist and it reminded me very much of this Startup School presentation by Paul Graham on the parallels between a founding a start up and a non-profit. The article points out all the idiosyncracies [...]

One pot chicken and rice with vegetables & chickpeas
One pot chicken and rice with vegetables & chickpeas

Here’s another great clean-out-the-fridge recipe that’s both nutritious and comforting. Having a lot of various vegetables left over from a recent BBQ, I thought of throwing them all together in a one-pot chicken and rice dish. So without further adieu, here’s the recipe: Serves 4: Heat up a tablespoon of vegetable oil in a dutch [...]

Free by Chris Andersen

Found a copy of the entire book on Scribd. I guess it would be pretty oxymoronic to have to pay for it. Adding it here so I can come back to it and read later. Would love to hear your thoughts on it if you have read this already. Update: Looks like it was just [...]

Weekly links – June 27th

Real-time granular level data versus more digested information on a macroscopic level: This seems to a be common theme lately. Numerous real-time search engines have popped up thanks to the twitter API. The NYTimes published an article examining why Google hasn’t been incorporating tweets into its results and questioning the use of search engines based [...]

Weekly Links – June 11th

One. That’s the median number of tweets on twitter based on a sample of 300,000 twitter users. Should be expected given the power law distribution for users. What makes up happy? An incredible study observing the lives of 268 Harvard men for over 72 years (including the likes of JFK) in a vain attempt to [...]

Weekly Links – May 12

New World Order?: 17-year old kid landed a job after making this comment on Fred’s blog. Props for making the bold and unconventional decision of not going to college and instead working on something he wants to work on. Twitter growth: To follow up an twitter’s growth chart from a couple weeks ago, it has [...]

Weekly Links – May 5th

A rather diverse group of links this week: A collection of UI design patterns: Great collection of screenshots of various webapps grouped by function. A handy reference when thinking about design. Yahoo! Query Language: This has apparently been out for a while but I came across it recently. Yahoo! lets you make SQL-like requests to [...]

Weekly links – April 28th

Inspired by O’Reilly Radar’s periodic short links post, I thought I would share the most interesting (read: poignant, amusing, thought provoking) links I come across on the web on a weekly basis. Here are this week’s: Hacking TIME’s Most Influential Person poll: Great inside look on a massive job that took place to hack’s TIME’s [...]

My Projects
Some projects I have or am currently working on:

BabyDigest: Keep a private timeline of your children. No sign up required for your family and friends to join!

MapThatPad For Brokers: Allowing brokers, landlords and property managers to gain incredible insights into all their real estate listings. Hit me up for a beta invitation!

MapThatPad: The easiest way to organize your apartment hunt on craigslist.

MyCal: A dead-simple way to add events to your google calendar.